GTA V new feature could be background music

As we await GTA V news from Rockstar in a possible event away from the bright lights of E3 2013, some new rumors have emerged following a secret GTA V briefing over in Russia. The game has been shown over in the country, with reports emerging that Rockstar may have plans to include background music in GTA V for the very first time.

This would be a massive move for Rockstar, as you’ll know that gameplay is usually silent when players are walking on foot – with sounds only coming by way of the world around you – ongoing traffic for example and music coming from cars passing by with radio stations playing.

But now imagine picking up Grand Theft Auto 5 with the option of playing the game with a background playlist, aside from the separate music that will be available throughout the radio stations. Rockstar are known for including amazing music in their Grand Theft Auto series, so this makes us very excited indeed to think about this becoming a reality.

It is a very thin rumor for now, one which has surfaced from a Russian magazine who were in attendance at the recent press event in Russia. If this does turn out to be true, then you can bet that Rockstar will be making this an optional feature in their settings menu.

That way, they won’t anger those that prefer not to have background music while walking around, whilst also catering to those who would love to see some additional music in the game. It also suggests that Rockstar has their work cut out securing the various music licensing that is required, especially if they plan on using some big name artists in the game.

Assuming this is true, what kind of GTA V background music would you like to see in the game? A list of music genres to choose from perhaps, or a select compilation from popular artists around the world? Some Cafe Del Mar whilst cruising around GTA V beach areas would be amazing – give us your thoughts on this.



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