Black Ops 2 zombies PaP weapon camo in multiplayer

It looks like Treyarch has a treat in store for Black Ops 2 players, with yet more weapon camo skins that players will be able to buy as part of micro-transaction packs that are proving to be a popular hit with fans. A new discovery has been made, revealing a new collection of Black Ops 2 weapon camos that are on the way to the game – including one skin from Black Ops 2 zombies.

You heard that correctly. It looks like the next Black Ops 2 personalization pack update will include a new weapon camo that has been taken from the weapon skins that you would usually find when using the pack a punch machine in zombies. The discovery has been made by YouTube user TheJaRniBoi, who has wasted no time in uploading videos of all of the new skins he has found.

The only problem here is that Activision are already on to him and are currently in the process of removing any videos showing these new weapon camos that they find. Along with the new zombie PaP weapon camo, we can also tell you that the popular Blue Tiger camo from Black Ops 1 is also thought to be coming.

There’s also an Ice Blue weapon camo coming, which looks awesome in our opinion and very futuristic. The question remains though, when Treyarch will decide to release them, especially knowing that the information has leaked out early. It also suggests that Treyarch has put the files and content in the game early – only to then lock them away and charge for it at a later date – Capcom will know all about that.

The zombie PaP weapon camo is easily the best looking out of the bunch though. Hopefully the price will remain as 160 Microsoft Points and will also include three reticles and one calling card, along with one of these new weapon skins. Do you want to get your hands on this zombie camo? Let us know what you think below.



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