Sony PS4 DRM fears countered with fan action

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2013

It’s fair to say that some gamers have been left confused with some aspects of Microsoft’s Xbox One console reveal. Specifically, the aspects relating to how used-games will work and always-on connectivity, which has yet to be clarified in full detail. Microsoft has failed to set the record straight and give a defining answer to these topics, leading some gamers to become worried on whether Sony has similar DRM motives to announce at E3 2013.

Sony are yet to say how used-games will work on the PS4 remember, or indeed if they will work at all. After Microsoft’s event, we seemingly had a confirmation from Vice President Phil Harrison that a fee would be needed to play a used game, which was later rumored to be £35 on top of the second-hand game itself.

Sensing that Sony may be tempted to use a similar plan for used games on the Sony PS4, gamers have once again united over on Neogaf and Reddit – sending a message out to key Sony execs on Twitter in the hope that they are listening to community feedback to not impose DRM restrictions of any kind on the PS4.

Users have been sending out messages non stop with the hashtags #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES to figures like Sony worldwide president Shuhei Yoshida and head of hardware marketing John Koller. The good news is that it looks like the mass movement is starting to gain some attention, with many Sony execs already acknowledging the ‘passion’ made by the PlayStation universe.

Having seen the fierce backlash over reports that the Xbox One checks for an internet connection once every 24 hours, Sony has the opportunity to win over a significant amount of consumers if they don’t follow with a similar plan. It’s clear that Sony will have some sort of plan to allow used PS4 games on the system, but fans do not want to see any charges whatsoever associated with them.

Have you joined forces with others in messaging Sony execs on Twitter, against potential DRM measures on the PS4? You’ll find all of the required messaging material over at Neogaf. Not long to go now until E3!

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  • Dynasty2021

    Regardless of Sony’s DRM policy, one thing has been made very, very, VERY clear:

    Xbox is for the casual gamer. PS4 is for the passionate, hardcore gamers.

    And the storm of tweets, comments, forum threads, yada yada, all giving Sony praise and laughing at Microsoft, cannot be ignored. We’re sending a very strong message.

    • Fweds

      LOL @ the First sentence , so yer let’s just pretend the fact that SONY DRM may end up being exactly the same but it doesn’t matter eh.

      Second sentence is Complete rubbish. so all those PS3 dance games,fitness games etc you think are for the Core gamers LOL. and I don’t know may core gamers who think blu tooth is anywhere near as good as the 360 headset in fact speech over PSN is one big mess and all the computer game shows verify this when they show team competitions they always use Xbox and never the PS3

      I think you mean Xbox is going to cater for both markets.and any console that does not is not going to have a very long lifespan this time.

      Sales of console games has been dropping rapidly due to recent competition from mobile phones,Ipads. tablets etc etc and MS know this and are trying to counter them.

      As for the fanboys praising Sony!!!! eh they are a company out to make money nothing more and soon the message will say “So Sony when are you going to give details of what powers the DEVS will have over games etc ?.