Shenmue 3 and Wii U exclusive dreams

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2013

If there was one old-school game that fans would love to see back in the limelight, one of the top 5 names surely has to be Shenmue. Fans have been dreaming of a Shenmue 3 game for years and we could have some new teasers and hints which suggest that an announcement may, just may be coming up at E3 2013 in a few weeks time.

Shenmue was last seen on the SEGA Dreamcast of course, with Shenmue 2 released way back in 2001. It then turned up on the original Xbox thanks to a port the following year in the US and later on further in Europe. Considering that Shenmue is still one of the most loved franchises ever, it is very surprising to think that we have gone this far without a sniff of Shenmue 3 evidence.

Until now that is. Corey Marshall is the original voice actor for main character Ryo Hazuki and he has posted some exciting new images to his personal Facebook page within the last few hours. The first is a new picture of him inside a recording studio, and the other picture is an older image with him posing next to a Sega logo with a poster of Ryo’s motorbike in the background.

While this could obviously turn out to be nothing, the speculation purists believe that a Shenmue 3 announcement could be coming at E3, what with the timing of the new images being posted so close to the event next month. Why has Wii U been mentioned above though you ask?

Well, it’s also been confirmed that Sega and Nintendo have signed an exclusive agreement together. The first result of this is Sonic: Lost World, which is a new original game that will release exclusively for the Wii U and 3DS platforms. Everybody keeps talking about how Nintendo are struggling on the exclusive front, but imagine if they are able to pull off a Shenmue 3 as a Wii U exclusive.

Along with Zelda, Smash Bros and Mario Kart, Shenmue 3 on the Wii U could end up as a system seller and a key game that Nintendo will hope to revitalize the company’s fortunes. See the images over on Facebook for yourself and let us know your memories of Shenmue on the Dreamcast.

Would you love to see Shenmue 3 as a Wii U exclusive?

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  • Dominic Foster-Grundy

    I would buy a WiiU this very second if they released Shenmue 3!!!

  • Kevin

    The first 2 was great, I had high hopes of hd versions on Xbox live to relive those wonderful games.
    I’m not a Nintendo fan so wouldn’t buy one to just play the 3rd instalment, but probably watch the full game walkthrough on YouTube lol.

  • Nintenjoe82

    I think a Wii U exclusive sequel would be fantastic but I would prefer them to go back to the original 2 games and bring them up to modern standards before telling the 3rd part of the story. Shenmue was amazingly ambitious for the time but I don’t know if the kids of today will buy it based on playing the QTE heavy originals.

  • That would be amazing, not only because I love Shenmue, and Wii U, but also because the Gamepad would make for a great experience with this type of game

  • First of all, Shenmue 3 on any platform would be great. Would be convenient for it to be on Wii U though, cause I already own one.
    Second of all, how is Nintendo lacking in exclusives? They’ve got, you know, all Nintendo franchises, Mario U, Wind Waker HD, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei, Smash Bros., the unnamed Zelda, the unnamed Mario, Pikmin 3, and they’ve got the Platinum Games exclusives, Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. As well as Sonic, as mentioned in the article. Nintendo has a lot of exclusives, especially in comparison to what’s been announced for the PS4 and X1. Just sayin’.

  • RockD79

    This a trick question? A Wii U exclusive would be epic.

    • Baeshin

      It would be even more epic if it was on ps3,ps4,xbox360 and xboxone as well. It would sell more units on more systems and more people could enjoy it.

      • Paul Phillips

        Though this would be nice, I feel we as consumers need the competition and show those yearly shovelware mongers what’s really going to sell a system.

        • Richard Yates

          well said!

      • Elem187

        But for a company like Nintendo who has very very deep pockets and they want to raise the profile of their struggling console, no better way to do than to pay for a game to be completed, especially a game this high profile….
        IF nintendo money hatted Shenmue 3, the trolls would be forced to purchase the console they hate to every fiber of their being…. that’s delicious irony.

        • Baeshin

          Yea no thanks to that. i know two people that wasted their money.I’d buy shenmue and then barrow the wii u. I’m sure there would be a few people that would be willing to waste money on a system they don’t want but man y others would find other ways to play the game.