Rayman Legends PS Vita levels completes Wii U misery

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2013

We knew that an amazing new title was on the way to the PS Vita in 2013 and now we’re pleased to hear that it has now been confirmed as Rayman Legends. Originally announced as a Nintendo Wii U exclusive, the sequel to the fantastic Rayman Origins is now going multiplatform instead, with PS3 and Xbox 360 versions on the way as well.

That’s not all though as there is one final twist – the PS Vita version is getting the exclusive treatment as well, with five exclusive levels confirmed for the handheld version, as well as two exclusive costumes to wear in game.

To make an important point – the PS Vita version is thought to be the same full version that will appear on console, converted into a compact format on the beautiful 5-inch OLED screen on the PS Vita. The game will also feature the online challenge modes, multiplayer co-op with friends on a WiFi connection and leaderboards to add a competitive element to the game.

In terms of the exclusive content, the five maps will include character Murphy and will use the rear touchpad on the PS Vita to control. So far, there has been no confirmation on cross-platform features with the PS3 version and more importantly – whether players can use their PS Vita to control the PS3 version of the game.

The two exclusive costumes have already confirmed to be a Prince of Persia suit for Rayman and a Splinter Cell Sam Fisher costume for Globox. The release date for the game is August 30 in the UK, which should be the exact same date when the console versions release – excellent news.

Sony were not lying when they were previously teasing an amazing game for their system. After Rayman Origins though, it was inevitable to happen since Rayman is such a perfect fit for handheld. Give us your reaction to the news and whether this is a day-one buy for you.

We’ll let you know if cross-platform features with PS3 are confirmed. Any Wii U owners out there feeling slightly bitter over this once-exclusive game to your platform?

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  • Bob Bilbert

    where can this confirmation be found?

  • GregW

    Frankly, I don’t really care about exclusivity. I might see someone being bitter about if the title was pulled completely – as happened with Halo so many years ago – but it doesn’t affect me in any meaningful way that PS Vita owners can *also* play a good game.