Minecraft PS4, PS3 hopes at E3 2013 after freebie

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2013

It has been a long request for many PS3 owners for years, to see a Minecraft game come out after seeing Microsoft successfully launch an Xbox 360 version of the popular PC building game. While it still hasn’t happened yet, speculation is starting to pick up on Minecraft creator Notch possibly having an announcement to make during Sony’s E3 2013 press conference.

Minecraft on Xbox 360 remains an incredibly popular game, with Microsoft recently announcing an XBLA record with over 6 million copies of the game sold. You can bet that they would want this to continue with a Minecraft game for the Xbox One, but Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson may have other ideas.

He recently viewed his opinions on Microsoft’s Xbox event by stating that he “tried to get excited about the Xbox One, but failed”. Over 1000 retweets later, you can also assume that Microsoft has already seen and noted that piece of feedback from Notch as well. Perhaps seizing a moment of opportunity, Sony has wasted no time in sending Notch a golden PS One as a gift, along with a VIP invite to the company’s upcoming E3 event.

While it could just be a nice gesture from Sony, we would like to believe that there are deeper ties associated with this – in relation to a possible Minecraft announcement for PS3 or even the PS4. It has been long overdue already, and with Microsoft already having had their moment and breaking records with Minecraft for the Xbox 360 – it could be time for PS3 gamers to have their share of fun.

Nothing is confirmed yet of course, but a golden PS One is obviously a pretty amazing gift out of the blue. If you are a huge fan of Minecraft, let us know if you would like to see a PS3 or PS4 version of the game announced at E3.

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  • Lachie

    Notch isn’t in charge of minecraft anymore

  • disqus_TMQO59KrPv

    yea definitely i’d buy multiple copies for everyone in my household on all our ps3’s/ps4’s

  • Wenlock

    It had better, my PS3 is getting dusty waiting for it and the controls on my laptop are frustrating.

  • Chris

    YESSS i would buy it even if it costed $65

  • Modnation’s ‘God Of War’


  • a gamer

    Yes! release it on either system, both would be awesome. multiplayer in minecraft is so much more fun when the other 3 players are sitting next to you.