Final Fantasy 14 PS3 Vs PC graphics with gameplay

By Alan Ng - May 28, 2013

If you are willing to look past the subscription prices for Final Fantasy 14 and pick up the game at launch, you may be facing a difficult decision on which version to pick up. Square-Enix are releasing the game on both PS3 and PC, with owners able to play with each other on the same servers in a rare glimpse of cross-platform joy.

If you consider yourself in this bracket, you are definitely going to want to check out this fantastic new gameplay video that we have for you. Square-Enix has released some new footage for Final Fantasy XIV, giving a detailed look at some of the breathtaking locations and environments that players will come across on their travels.

More importantly, the video shows both PS3 and PC versions in the same locations so you can make up your own conclusions on which platform looks better. Having said that, you can watch the video and easily see that PC is the clear winner in a direct graphics comparison – there is no debate.


That is not to say that the PS3 version looks terrible though – far from it. We still think it is amazing that Square-Enix has kept to their word on a PS3 version and don’t forget it is good for players to be able to play on the same servers as PC players – an achievement in itself.

As we told you in a previous report, Square-Enix are planning to charge either £7.69 in the UK and $14.99 in the US, for a 30 day subscription to Final Fantasy 14. For an ‘always-on’ (that word almost sounds too scary to even write anymore) experience that will see you witness other players seamlessly fighting battles as you walk past them, are you planning to cough up the fees to enjoy this in August?

Watch the video above and let us know your thoughts on the graphical differences between PS3 and PC. PS3 beta begins soon – we can’t wait for that.

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  • Ildefonso Jorge Da Costa

    both looks bad. last time I tried the pc version was on beta. this video version looks washed out compared to it wtf. must be low setting or video

  • Nova

    tbh PS3 version looked sharper than here in the latest CBT. Don´t know if it´s just the quality of the vid here. Not a huge difference generelly on PS3, there is just no good aa and a fixed resolution – everthing else is very similar.

  • Charodie

    Square Enix seem to have gotten the PC graphics details better this time around. XI being a port from PlayStation 2 was bad could see blinking and tearing graphical artifact virtually through out that game. XIV looks nice, but I’m passing on any MMORPG or Online Role Playing Game that is from Square Enix and their ego which causes them to do away with listening to players.

  • yea

    They showed more Windows PC than PS3 imo…But look at the difference of La Noscea 1:20 ish…Wow. PS3 looks kinda dull, otherwise I’m not seeing too much of a difference.
    More shader on PC side, making it shinier and brighter.

  • Dominic Foster-Grundy

    Looks amazing! Im no fan of Pay-to-play gaming, but this looks very tempting . .

  • Joesph

    What if I told you guys they both look the same