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Canon 50D video firmware hack lacks functionality

While we await news in regards to a Canon 70D release, we thought you might want an update for the ever-popular 50D, so if you have not used the camera in a while, then maybe you should think about getting it back out to check out what’s new.

The latest Canon 50D firmware is an add-on from Magic Lantern, so is more like a hack and has added new features, so now you will have a much-needed feature, which is the ability to record video. This is certainly good news, but as you would imagine there’s also a downside when you get good news, and that’s because this Canon 50D video hack has no sound functionality because of the lack of a microphone.

Once you have installed this latest Canon 50D add-on, it will now allow you to shoot RAW video footage at 24 fps and 1592 x 1062 pixels at 30 fps. Another downside to this add-on is the fact that you will need to use the latest fast CF cards of UDMA 6 or higher. However, that’s not the worst part, as Engadget believes that the used Canon 50D price will increase because of this added functionality.

This seems like great news at first, but we have two issues with this Engadget report; the first is that we cannot see the used market for these cameras increase in price, and also video functionality for the Canon 50D has been available for over a year now, proof of this can be seen in the video below.

However, the original ML add-on did not allow for RAW video, which this latest version does. Check out the video below of the Raw video improvements to the 50D, and ask yourself how else this add-on can be improved.

What other camera would you like to see receive this firmware hack?



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