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Zelda Wii U rumors claim 2015 release date

For those planning to tune into Nintendo’s upcoming Direct event at E3 2013, one of the expected highlights that Wii U owners want to see, is a fresh update on the status of the Zelda game for Wii U. We have hardly heard anything on the game after its stunning tech demo appearance a few years ago, but the latest rumors for the game aren’t likely to be good reading either.

The original Zelda title that Nintendo are planning is going to be built from the ground up and isn’t a continuation of or linked to one of the existing games in the series – such as A Link to the Past 2 for the 3DS, which has been based off the amazing SNES classic.

That means that Nintendo are taking their time on the game and have so far been unable to provide an official title for the game, or some actual gameplay to keep us busy. An obvious reason for this is simply because Nintendo are not ready to show anything, with the game nowhere near being close to completion.

However, what reaction would a 2015 release date for the Zelda game be met with? Some apparent ‘insider’ information has been posted to Neogaf, saying that Zelda for the Wii U has now become a ‘mid 2015 title at the soonest’. To narrow it down even further, the source has even suggested that the game could release towards November 2015 or Christmas 2015.

It goes without saying that this is perhaps a longer than everyone had expected to play the game – if true. It also means that potentially we still have over two years to go until Zelda on the Wii U is out – can you wait that long or not? Instead, Super Smash Bros is now thought to be the main Wii U seller in 2014, with Zelda to follow the next year.

There’s also additional hints that Zelda on the Wii U could feature the ‘longest’ story seen in the whole series to date. Do you think a 2015 release date is plausible for the game, considering that we have seen nothing on the game so far? You only have to look at Final Fantasy Versus XIII as a classic example of how long some games can take to come out.

As we await new Zelda Wii U information at E3 2013, give us your thoughts on a potential 2015 release date for the game.



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