Xbox One used games may cost up to £70

By Alan Ng - May 27, 2013

Following on from the bombshell that Microsoft were planning to charge a fee to users for the right to play second-hand games on the new Xbox One console, we’re now hearing potential reports on just how much this fee is going to cost. This is of course, on top of the price you’ll have to pay for the used-game itself.

Microsoft are seeing some fairly divided opinions on their recently announced next-generation console, largely due to the fact over their new used-game policy and apparent 24 hour internet checks with every game as a mandatory feature. Microsoft has already officially confirmed that used-games will need a license fee to play and now we have potential evidence on how much it will be in the UK.

A report over at ConsoleDeals is claiming that used-game licence fees will be up to £35 per game. If you purchase a second-hand game from a retailer that has only just been released, you could be paying £30 or £35 for that for the game itself. That means, a total price of around £70 with Microsoft’s used-game license included – a price that could end up more than a new Xbox One game.

Is this Microsoft’s masterplan to avoid consumers making use of the second-game game market on their new Xbox One console, on a regular basis? Paying a £35 license fee for a used-game will definitely put a lot of consumers off with a combined fee for the game as well. While this may picture Microsoft to be the bad guys – imagine if they have only gone down this route because they know Sony plan to do the same thing?

Sony hasn’t revealed their used-game strategy yet for the PS4, but we are expecting to find out in full during the company’s E3 2013 press conference next month. Why would Microsoft risk a backlash further with this used-game license, if they didn’t know Sony were planning a similar move?

If Sony are not planning a used-game license fee – then is it game set and match as far as you’re concerned? Let us know your initial reaction to a potential £35 used-game fee across all Xbox One hand titles, on top of the price you’ll pay for the game itself.

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  • scott

    Seriously how greedy can you get xbox was favorite and now they have tucked them selvs by being greedy twats. Kids get ready to read books not game reviews

  • bigguy

    What a bunch of cocksuckers…..

  • This is highly unlikely, seriously – logically no retailer will support the sale of used games if they end up costing more than new games, consumers would not buy them – retailers would not buy or trade-in used games. Why would a retailer stock a used game knowing no one would buy it when the new version is cheaper…

    Microsoft would not let it happen, retailers would not let it happen.

    • nicholas

      thats exactly what microsoft wants. they dont want people to buy used games, because they get a royalty on all sales of new games. so, nobody would stock used games and everybody would be forced to buy new games. so it is actually VERY likely. microsoft hates used games, since they make no money on their sale.

  • Bob Attoe

    How stupid are they, big market in preowned and there just taking themselfs out of it dumb asses