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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini release all but confirmed

If you didn’t believe the rumors yet that a miniature version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 was on the way soon, it now looks to be all but confirmed, thanks to the most unlikely of sources. Samsung themselves appear to have been sleeping on the job, revealing a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini listing on one of their official websites.

Just like the affordable Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, the Korean manufacturer will be offering a portable version of their current flagship, albeit with toned down hardware specs and a price that a lot of consumers will be more happy to part with. There are plenty of Android lovers who opt against flagship prices at launch, with Samsung realizing that and catering to them perfectly with their now successful Mini lineup of products.

While Samsung hasn’t confirmed availability details for the Galaxy S4 Mini just yet, the company did unveil the Mini variant on their Samsung Apps website briefly. Unsurprisingly, the information referencing the Galaxy S4 Mini has now disappeared, but not before the guys over at Phonedog managed to capture an image and reveal some interesting information on the phone.

You can see that two Galaxy S4 Mini models have been listed by Samsung – one with a model number of GT-I9195, and a second version with a model number of SGH-I257. Pay particular interest to the second model, as that could be the one that is headed to AT&T in the US sometime in the Summer.

Although official specs are unknown at this point, consumers should expect a Mini 4.3-inch display compared to a 5-inch on the Galaxy S4, and a dual-core based processor, compared to the quad-core or Octa core on the larger version. Let’s hope we have some pricing information to give you soon.

Would you prefer a Mini version compared to the standard Galaxy S4, at a cut-down price?



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