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Microsoft bans Xbox One feedback on YouTube

While many Xbox fans are pumped up for the release of the next-generation Xbox One console, it has become apparent that many others are not very impressed this time around. Microsoft’s official Xbox YouTube channel is the home to an official Xbox One highlights package, from the company’s recent Xbox event on May 21.

However, if you visit that page now, you’ll see that Microsoft has decided to disable comments – preventing consumers from giving their feedback on the console. This can be and has been interpreted in many ways as you can imagine, both from those who are saying it’s no big deal, and others who cannot believe that Microsoft are banning users from effectively posting negative feedback on their next console.

One potential reasoning for this is the dislike bar. Have a look right now and you’ll see that there are currently just under 2,000 likes, but almost 8,000 dislikes in return. This obviously doesn’t look good on Microsoft’s side, but is it an even bigger problem to turn around and say – “actually, we don’t want your negative feedback any more?”

Just to point out for those that are not aware – the video initially accepted comments. Elsewhere, a quick glance on Sony’s February PlayStation 4 video on the official channel, and it’s still up – comments section still live with healthy feedback – both positive and negative. Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation is also still buzzing, with an open comment section allowing users to leave their feedback.

Nintendo’s channel is particularly interesting, as there’s actually a lot of comments from users who are saying that Nintendo has ‘failed’ and that users will pick up a PS4 or Xbox One instead. The comment section remains open though, compared to Microsoft who may have buckled under pressure it seems.

What is your reaction to this? Everyone is allowed an opinion, right? Do you think this could backfire against Microsoft, and are you disappointed that you can no longer leave feedback on their channel?



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