Microsoft bans Xbox One feedback on YouTube

By Alan Ng - May 27, 2013

While many Xbox fans are pumped up for the release of the next-generation Xbox One console, it has become apparent that many others are not very impressed this time around. Microsoft’s official Xbox YouTube channel is the home to an official Xbox One highlights package, from the company’s recent Xbox event on May 21.

However, if you visit that page now, you’ll see that Microsoft has decided to disable comments – preventing consumers from giving their feedback on the console. This can be and has been interpreted in many ways as you can imagine, both from those who are saying it’s no big deal, and others who cannot believe that Microsoft are banning users from effectively posting negative feedback on their next console.

One potential reasoning for this is the dislike bar. Have a look right now and you’ll see that there are currently just under 2,000 likes, but almost 8,000 dislikes in return. This obviously doesn’t look good on Microsoft’s side, but is it an even bigger problem to turn around and say – “actually, we don’t want your negative feedback any more?”

Just to point out for those that are not aware – the video initially accepted comments. Elsewhere, a quick glance on Sony’s February PlayStation 4 video on the official channel, and it’s still up – comments section still live with healthy feedback – both positive and negative. Nintendo’s latest Direct presentation is also still buzzing, with an open comment section allowing users to leave their feedback.

Nintendo’s channel is particularly interesting, as there’s actually a lot of comments from users who are saying that Nintendo has ‘failed’ and that users will pick up a PS4 or Xbox One instead. The comment section remains open though, compared to Microsoft who may have buckled under pressure it seems.

What is your reaction to this? Everyone is allowed an opinion, right? Do you think this could backfire against Microsoft, and are you disappointed that you can no longer leave feedback on their channel?

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  • John Lozano

    Im disappointed with gaming in general these days

  • fred

    my biggest fear 4 moneysoft is there goin into a massivley saturated tv market with samsungs smart tvs tivvo`s sky tv itunes ondemand netflixs hulu n many more al of which have established n contract base systems in place im not that lazy i cant wait 2- 3 minutes for my tv or pc to turn over nevermind costing £400 $500 for doin it i want games not tv besides-cable tv is dying people want no ads on demand

  • Reap

    Xbox One has smashed preorder records in 1 week! Hahaha….XBOX ONE FTW!!!!!

  • Censoring bad comments on the Internet, a lot of companies are doing it not just Microsoft , soon there won’t be any more real opinions on the Internet just what corporate numnuts wants you to ear.

  • James Hathaway

    the xbox one has very very similar specs to the ps4. of course it will be able to perform as good and probably better and xbox decided not to announce this until the ‘games’ part of their announcement, E3? Obvioulsy, dumb people who are retarded cant even understand that obviously xbox isnt just going to be some ‘vcr.’ It’s ridiculous, ps3 just flood us with loads of gameplay and we are like oooh thats a great console. Wait for E3, thats when the games console side of Xbox One will come alive. And it will destory ps4. and heck, ps4’s hardware hasnt even been released yet, so much abuse for xbox one and we still dont know what that will be like.

    • Josh

      Stupid fanboy comment. Xbox One is not as powerful as the PS4 and will not be able to outperform it. Analyse the specs of both, then say that it’s just as powerful and see how ridiculous you sound. You might see that it has 8 GB of RAM and think that it’s the same number as the PS4 and assume they are equal (which, as DDR3, is inferior to the PS4’S 8GB of GDDR5 RAM), but when you factor in the fact that it has three different operating systems, Kinect may need some processing power to perform more difficult tasks, and the strains of multitasking and other processes, the full 8GB will NOT go towards games. You’ll be lucky is you get 6GB, but it’s much more likely to have around 4.5GB available for games. The graphical leap from 7th gen to 8th gen will not be huge, but PS4 games will still look better. Killzone Shadow Fall looks leaps and bounds better than everything shown at the reveal, and when you think that the game was only using 3GB of RAM, you should realize that the Xbox One will not produce games of that graphical quality. Might get close, but it won’t reach it.

      And no, it won’t destroy the PS4. It doesn’t matter that we haven’t seen what the console looks like, we already know what it can do. People are attracted to the PS4 because it is focusing mostly on games and how the gaming experience can be enhanced, and surprise surprise, that’s what gamers want to hear. It seems that Microsoft is just interested in being the all in one entertainment system, then having games as another thing on the side. You can say that the games will be at E3, but it’s not like Sony and Nintendo have nothing to show. Why couldn’t they even show some gameplay at the reveal, even if it was for the yearly multiplatform sports games? Because that wasn’t the priority. If they spent half as much time talking about how the gaming experience on the Xbox One will be improved as they spent on talking about how they will revolutionize they way we watch TV, the console would be a lot more popular. Saying that they’re saving games for E3 is just a lame excuse. Then when you think that the Wii U will be cheaper and the PS4 will not be much more expensive than the Xbox One, assuming it isn’t going to be cheaper, what reason will gamers have to buy one? Do people want to buy a console just for Halo, Gears of War, and Forza Motorsport, when competing consoles have exclusives and multiplatform games of a similar quality, if not a higher quality, and with an unarguable higher amount of diversity? They say they have 15 new exclusive games to show at E3 and 8 are new IP, but how many of those are worthwhile games, and how many of those will be aimed at the gamer? If they’re not successful, who’s to say that Microsoft won’t just revert back to it’s three sure-selling franchises and forget all about the new ones? Sketchy information there, and they’re not going out of their way to reassure us that we will want to play all of them.

      Microsoft fanboys will snap it up, and the odd casual gamer may pick it up for its extra features if they don’t already have devices that let them do all these things already, but the majority of gamers have been turned off by a number of terrible features. Off the top of my head, there are mandatory game installs on a 500GB hard drive, which, for the average gamer, will fill up quickly, meaning they will have to spend more money on external hard drives; paying the full price fee to play pre-owned games, meaning that games can’t be accessed by other consoles unless they’re logged into your profile, which is not a long term option; mandatory kinect that is watching and listening in a room 24 hours a day, possibly invading the privacy of a household; paying for Xbox Live when the competition offers competent online gaming services for free, with no real incentive to pay other than cross game chat, which is rumoured to also be available on the PS4; a required connection to the internet when you first put a game into the disk drive, and then every 24 hours to validate games, even for offline single-player games, meaning people without a stable internet connection cannot play games; the uncertainty of whether or not Xbox One games will work after the successor comes out and the servers are no longer supported, since every game must be connected to the internet at least once a day; no backwards compatibility with games or controllers, meaning the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles must be kept in order to play the games for those consoles, which is cumbersome and space consuming; the inability to transfer XBLA games from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, another reason to hang onto another box; the size and look of the console; even trivial things like the omission of a power button and the requirement of motion and voice control to perform simple actions. Hell, Kinect and the controller will work for the PC eventually, PC’s can be made more powerful than the console, and most Xbox exclusive games are available for the PC, so what’s the point of buying the console? $300-$700 for a console, or under $200 for peripherals? Hard choice?

      I bought a first generation Xbox and an Xbox 360 at launch, so I’m really annoyed about the ridiculous changes they’ve made. I was one of the people defending Microsoft, saying they would never do half the things that they are doing with the Xbox One. I desperately wanted people to be proven wrong, but they were right all along. Microsoft are arrogant enough to do these things, knowing that they will have the strongest Microsoft fans supporting any sort of crap they decide to create, squeezing every last penny from the pockets from the consumer for, let’s face it, a product that seems sub-par in comparison to its two main competitors. I’ve got a Wii U already, and unfortunately, now it seems that only a PS4 will be by its side.

      But of course, you will disagree with everything I’ve just said, stand by Microsoft, and buy their console. Go right ahead. Just know that Microsoft will not give you a pat on the back for doing so, and they’ll just continue to reach into your pockets. If that’s your decision, by all means, let them. The dumb and retarded people will go elsewhere for our gaming experience, because, quite frankly, we don’t want Microsoft to take anymore of our hard earned cash.

    • fred

      im a xbox owner even i know ps4 i gona b faster n more powerful there relyin cloud tech that is limited by internet speeds also xbox is using gddr3 ram which is slower than gddr5 that ps4 is usingn not just abit slower xbox1 runnin at 1.3ghz ps4 1.8ghz also xbox1 is using 2gb frontprint of background systems which leaves only 6gb n blu-rays hold 27gb so i guess ul have 2 buy a external hdrive along with new headphones higher xboxlive fees .
      also @reap xbox1 hasnt smashed pre orders. ps4 has more pre orders due 2 negative respone i mean sonys shares rose 10% in the 1 hour xbox1 reveal and y has microsoft disable feedback n like/dislike buton which now stands at over 8000 on there own channel yet nintendo n sony have not touch either of there sites do your research b4 blabbing rubbish fanboy

  • Nathan Gordon

    Perhaps if they would have stuck with a game console rather than an overhyped cable box that will work with at least comcast, but prob not TWC and others!

    • Douglas

      Perhaps if you read the news, you’d know that the release is in two parts. The “console” side will take stage at E3. Calm your socks.

  • lol. the flood of negative comments was so bad they turned them off?? lmao!! awww, don’t worry, MSFT, some people will buy your new VCR. remember, at least a few hundred thousand have even bought that failed Wii U, right? #xboxone #x1 #xboxfail #microsoft #youtube #softskin #soreloser

  • RED360

    IDK you tell PR.