Call of Duty Ghosts has Kinect, dog commands possible

By Alan Ng - May 27, 2013

Call of Duty Ghosts is already planning to shake up the franchise in a new way after being built on a brand new engine, but Activision and Infinity Ward are not stopping there. We now have confirmation from Activision that the upcoming game will also make use of Kinect commands – a first for the series.

You heard that right – you’ll be able to shout commands at the TV whilst you are playing Call of Duty Ghosts later on in the year. We know what you are immediately thinking of – the dog right? As most of you will have seen from the initial gameplay reveal, Ghosts is going to feature a dog as a companion in the main storyline, with Activision making a point to show that this is a fully fledged dog that has been part of the game’s mocap development.

Activision are not going into details on voice support yet, but they have told VentureBeat that it is definitely happening. Will players now be able to command the dog via Kinect, to go and attack nearby soldiers? Personally, we wouldn’t want to do that in fear of getting the dog hurt, especially one that is part of the lovable German Shepherd breed.

Cries of ‘take cover’, or ‘reload’ could be a great addition to the action though, as well as using Kinect to reposition troops to a more tactically suited position. As we’ve seen with plenty of other games on the Xbox 360 though, there’s always the risk of overdoing it with the Kinect support.

Activision has so far stayed away from adding it into Call of Duty, so they must be confident this time around that it is going to enhance gameplay, not put players at a disadvantage or turn it into something ridiculous and over the top. If you are a fan of Kinect, let us know how you would like to see it implemented into Call of Duty Ghosts.

Would you support dog commands or not? Nobody wants to see the dog die surely?

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  • clemsonfan12

    I think its awesome and I hope you can call in airstrikes and other killstreaks via voice command

  • Just sayin

    Oh no. Just no. I will be getting a PS4 as I am a grown up and have never used voice recognition when a button can do the same. Would rather click my controller than swipe my hands around and talk to a computer like a tool. I have never used Siri for same reason. Nice tech, but yeah, no thanks. So, it looks like CoD will be over for me, too. As it is always based around the XBox due to the deal between Microsoft and Activision (that I believe was just renewed). And unfortunately, the PS4 has the same tech. Do these game designers ever think about gaming for working adults. The wife already gets annoyed with my gaming, I am sure she wants to hear me yelling “reload” and “here, Rover” at 11 o’clock at night. I always used to defend CoD when people said it was for 12 year olds. Guess they were right and I was wrong.

    • Jack

      Calm down! You completely contradicted yourself saying why dont game devs think about gaming adults but then say about your wife not liking your gaming, obviously the PS4 wont have the voice commands, so whats the problem?