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Sony PS4 incredible visuals coming with new game

Sony may have already unveiled some upcoming PS4 game exclusives such as Drive Club, Killzone Shadow Fall and inFamous Second Son that are all on the way, but we now have the first hints on another possible big game coming. Fans of Super Stardust HD will be delighted to hear that there are plans for a PS4 spiritual successor to this game, one which will apparently feature ‘incredible visuals’.

Super Stardust HD is considered to be one of the best PSN games on the PS3 console, with the game being thrusted back into the limelight recently with an excellent version for the PS Vita. Now however, it appears that there are bigger plans emerging for Super Stardust, according to Finnish developers Housemarque.

The team has announced on their website that they are currently working on a spiritual successor to Super Stardust and that it will release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. There isn’t a full title for the game yet, but this information may come directly at Sony’s E3 press conference on June 10.

When discussing the game for the first time, Housemarque CEO Ilari Kuittinen has revealed that they will now be able to “take advantage of the architecture of PlayStation 4 to create incredible visuals with direct impact on the way the new game feels.” Stardust on the PS3 is considered to be a pretty crazy game in terms of non-stop action, so just imagine the experience and graphics you’ll get when converting this to PS4 hardware.

Don’t forget that we should be seeing this spiritual successor in 1080p resolution as well at all times. We loved the music as well with the game during the levels, so hopefully this will include another fantastic soundtrack as well with the next game.

Are you a big fan of Super Stardust? Let us know if you are interested in picking up the next game on PS4 with ‘incredible visuals’.



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