FIFA 14 UK release date, free FUT 14 Gold packs

If FIFA 14 is on your must-have games list in 2013, then we have some important information for you to digest. EA has just confirmed a solid FIFA 14 release date in the UK, as well as revealing that there will be as many as three special editions of the game, aside from the normal version.

Each of these versions will come with free Gold Packs, for players to use when entering the FIFA 14 Ultimate Team mode. For those buying from the UK, EA has announced that GAME and Amazon will be offering different versions of the game which give the player various incentives depending on where they order.

For example, GAME will give consumers access to the FIFA 14 Collector’s Edition, which will include 24 FUT gold packs, EAS FC bundle items, an Adidas bundle including an all-star team, 3 new celebrations, historic club kits, pro boosters and the grand offering – a limited edition Adidas EA Sports Glider football.

The price for the Collector’s Edition will be £84.99, but you can put down a £20 deposit right now at GAME if you are interested in reserving one for either Xbox 360 or PS3. Alternatively, you can pick up the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 14 at Amazon for £60, with all of the above except the football and GAME exclusive Steel book.

EA has detailed all of the information that you need to know, over at the FIFA 14 product page here. Without further do, you’ll want to know that FIFA 14 launches in the UK on September 27 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 – three days before in the US as usual. As announced recently, there will also be next-gen versions on the Sony PS4 and Xbox One, although EA hasn’t revealed release information on next-gen versions just yet.

How does the £85 Collector’s Edition of FIFA 14 sound to you – worth the extra cash or not? The standard version of the game will only be coming with 4 FUT gold packs.



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