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Samsung Galaxy S4 sales record sends message to rivals

We knew that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would end up being one of the most popular smartphones of 2013, but Samsung has this week given us an indication just how well Galaxy S4 sales are going. In less than a month after first going on sale, the Korean electronics giant has announced that a record has been broken, with the Galaxy S4 now becoming the fastest selling Galaxy S device ever.

In a press release this week, Samsung has revealed that the Galaxy S4 has now passed 10 million units sold, in under a month since the device first went on sale commercially on April 27. To put this into context, the Galaxy S3 previously managed to shift 10 million units in 50 days and that was considered a massive success in its own right.

Samsung has added that Galaxy S4 units are currently selling at a rate of 4 units per second – staggering when you think about it. The question that is on our minds, is how are other Android manufacturers going to compete with this with their respective releases?

Also take into account that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected this year as well, which could even come close to matching this record given the high demand for the device already. To coincide with the sales record, Samsung has also announced that four new Galaxy S4 colors will arrive in time for Summer.

We’re pleased to say that one of them will be the Blue Arctic model, which was initially exclusive to the Japanese market. The other three colors will be Galaxy S4 in Red Aurora, Purple Mirage and Brown Autumn – hopefully Samsung will be showing off these new colors soon, especially the Red model which sounds the most desirable out of the four for us.

Going back to 10 million units sold though – are Samsung now becoming kings of the mobile industry? Four Galaxy S4 units sold every second, give us your thoughts on that statistic below.



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