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New iPad keyboard combats education problems in 2013

When Apple first launched the iPad back in 2010 many people in the industry made fun of it, with some saying that it wasn’t needed, although our best was the one where they likened it to a bigger Dorito. However, since then the success of the iPad is not disputed, although Android users would tell you otherwise.

The iPad has been a welcome device by consumers, business users, and also by health organizations and for education purposes. However, there are a few iPad limitations when it comes to its use in the classroom. As many of you know people who use an iPad in the classroom will make use of a Bluetooth keyboard, but this presents many challenges for teachers.

What are these challenges? It is a huge hassle when trying to link up multiple iPads with Bluetooth keyboards, as there will always be connection issues.

How to resolve this? Thankfully, there is now a new iPad keyboard to help combat these problems, and that is with a wired plug-and-play keyboard for a 30-pin or Lighting connector. What makes this solution even better is the fact that these larger keyboards are more robust, which is needed in the classroom.

The new Logitech Wired Keyboard price will be $59 for the Lighting version and will go on sale sometime in August in the US. The 30-pin version is to go on sale in October.

Okay, so this is a great addition for the classroom, but teachers need to have greater control of these iPads, such as being able to pause all of these Apple tablets at once, but what other enhancements would you like to see made in order to make the iPad an even better device in the classroom?

If your school is struggling with its budget, then there are several alternatives to the iPad, although some of you will acknowledge that this is a compromise on your child’s education.



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