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HTC One Verizon release date remains unknown

Many consumers were hoping for a happy ending to their week, with an official announcement of a Verizon HTC One at CTIA 2013. The Android device remains a hugely popular phone among consumers who have it, but unfortunately it looks like the wait may go on for Verizon and HTC to make things official.

Verizon had been teasing an upcoming event during CTIA 2013, but you may already be aware that this turned out to be something completely unexpected – a new mobile network called Viva Movil that the carrier is planning to roll out across Latin America, in partnership with none other than Jenny from the block – Jennifer Lopez.

It wasn’t the Verizon HTC One that many had expected and Verizon are still remaining completely silent on the possibility of this happening before the end of 2013. We’ve read some amusing messages on Twitter, from consumers who actually think they have been ‘rickrolled’ by Verizon, for announcing Viva Movil instead of a Verizon HTC One.

Surely Verizon knows that consumers want to see the HTC One on their network and are presumably keeping with their infamous silent tactics to build up hype even further. Meanwhile, HTC are not saying much either at the moment, with a recent statement from HTC to Tech Radar below, the closest thing to an update as it gets.

“It’s always a great thing to have our phones on as many operators as possible, but we’ve got nothing to announce in terms of Verizon.”

Are you a consumer who wants the HTC One over the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Verizon? If so, let us know your reaction to the device no-show during Verizon’s recent business venture with Jennifer Lopez. Surely the time has come for Verizon to pass the torch from the Droid DNA to another flagship handset?



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