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Haswell gaming performance realized with MSI laptops

While we’ve been waiting for news on an Haswell powered MacBook Air, MSI has snuck in and about to launch two new laptops, which will make use of the latest Intel processor. It’s clear to see that these MSI laptops will have an emphasis on gaming and will be on show at Computex.

It’s certainly nice to see that the Haswell gaming performance will be realized with these new notebooks, and working in conjunction with the new Nvidia GeForce GTX780M will make gaming that much better, although this will only be for their high-end model.

The Haswell MIS laptop range – First up we have the MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 2, which is a 17-inch flagship model, which is the one packing that Nvidia GeForce GTX780M graphics card. There is to be multiple SSDs, which has an emphasis on speed, a SteelSeries inspired keyboard, and an ability to connect up to four displays.

Next we have the MSI GS70 Stealth, which will also pack the Haswell CPU by Intel. This model will sport the GeForce GTX765M GPU and also offers a 17-inch screen. We’re told that its possible rival would be the Razer Blade notebook.

These two new MSI notebooks sporting Intel’s next-gen processors will be for sale in June, which is after the upcoming Computex show.

These are not the only laptops to be getting the new Haswell processor, although these do seem the first to center around gaming. A small German company named DevilTech is to also release a laptop powered by Intel’s upcoming CPU, which are to be called the Devil 7700 and Fragbook GTX

However, it’s the big players that we are more interested in, and so we hope to hear news from WWDC 2013, where we could see the new MacBook Air or Pro announced powered by the new Haswell processor.



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