GTA V shock Xbox One listing, before PC

By Alan Ng - May 23, 2013

The Xbox One console is barely a few days old, but we have some fresh GTA V news that may shock you, especially those that are patiently waiting for a Grand Theft Auto 5 update on the missing PC version of the game. GTA V for the Xbox One has already been spotted online from one retailer, suggesting that Rockstar may have plans to bring next-gen versions of the game to consumers after all.

It is almost inevitable that we will eventually see a PC version of GTA V released, but Rockstar are keeping fans sweating by remaining completely silent on when a release may take place. If history repeats itself, we could be looking at a PC release around six months after the PS3 and Xbox 360 version launches – which means we could be looking at a rough March / April PC release for GTA V.

However, does Rockstar actually have plans to release PS4 and Xbox One versions at the same time as the PC version? Considering that the PS4 and Xbox hardware have been designed to be more PC-friendly, it would appear to be a smart and logical move for Rockstar to go with this plan.

Console versions to release on September 17, next-gen and PC versions to follow in March or April next year – it sounds perfect doesn’t it? As noted by AttackoftheFanboy, a Danish retailer by the name of Coolshop has wasted no time in making public an Xbox One listing for GTA V.

The listing is still live as we speak, so have they perhaps been a little bit naughty in revealing information that Rockstar were intending to announce themselves during E3 week? Considering that many other publishers are bringing out current gen and next-gen versions of their latest games (Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs), we wouldn’t be surprised if Rockstar have secretly been working on PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions behind the scenes.

Could it also have been part of the reason why the game was delayed until September from a Spring 2013 release? It will be interesting to see how long this listing stays live. Give us your thoughts on an Xbox One listing for GTA V appearing and potentially – releasing before a PC version.

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  • mem

    this garbage website is just posting this to gain some hits. trash.

  • hoods

    Three german retailers listed GTAV for PC before XBOX ONE!!

  • Trevor Phillips

    Rockstar has already said they will put GTA V on the next gen consoles ‘eventually’

    • freedomlikesummer .

      No. Rockstar actually said they WOULDN’T release the game on next gen consoles. The game wasn’t delayed because they are developing a next gen version. That wouldn’t make any sense. The next gen consoles won’t even be out on September 17th. And besides, if that was really the reason for the delay, why wouldn’t they have released the current gen version on the original spring date and spent the summer getting the next gen version ready to launch with the consoles? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

      • King Chism74/ ReallyDarkTho

        Leave a message…

      • Paul

        Actually. Rockstar did say they would release it on next-gen.
        You really should go on the internet more often. They had been saying since GTA V’s reveals to the public that it would be coming to the next-gen consoles. The reasons behind why they would go next-gen are obviously great from an economic standpoint with a fair amount of money capable of being made on next-gen, especially with the new requirements restricting pre-owned games from being played again which from a developer standpoint is great because we aren’t losing anymore or as much money from pre-owned. Releasing games on PC while they are an economically sound option, the sales eventually plateau a lot faster due to the piracy in contrast to sales on consoles. However, I should definitely say that you should expect it will be coming to PC, just please – as a dev, don’t cry about it.

        • freedomlikesummer .

          You’re wrong. There hasn’t been an official announcement from Rockstar stating that the game would be released on next gen consoles.

    • Both of you are retarded, they haven’t said if they are going to or not going to, they said that they will sell it on the platform that has the most fanbase, so both of you cut the crap.
      The reason they delayed it this time was to add more stuff into the game, take for example before when they announced Gta v, they said that we woulden’t be able to buy properties/houses etc, but then the fans started complaining about it, and then they delayed the game for 5 months and now, we are not just only able to buy houses, we can buy stores,companys,stocks and alot more! THANK YOU ROCKSTARS FOR LISTENING TO YOUR CONSUMERS!