FIFA 14 Ultimate Team confusion on PS4

If you are looking to pick up FIFA 14 on the Sony PS4, you may have been worried by the events that unfolded earlier this week during Microsoft’s Xbox One event. EA has signed a new exclusivity agreement with Microsoft over the EA Sports brand, with initial reports suggesting that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team would become an Xbox One exclusive.

FIFA 14, Madden, NBA Live and now UFC are all on the way to the Xbox One, with EA announcing that they will run on a brand new engine called EA Sports Ignite. As part of this unveil, EA seemingly confirmed that FIFA 14 Ultimate Team would now become an Xbox One exclusive.

However, EA has now clarified the situation for angry Sony fans, by reiterating that Ultimate Team is still going to be available on the PS4 version of FIFA 14. It now means that a likely situation will come, where the Xbox One will instead feature exclusive elements of Ultimate Team, that will only be available on that platform.

Considering that FIFA hasn’t been part of the exclusivity shenanigans down the years though, the fact that EA Sports is now setting up base on Xbox is still unlikely to go down well. The big question now, unsurprisingly, is just what exclusive Ultimate Team content EA plans to give Xbox One owners, ahead of PS3, PS3 and PC FIFA fans.

Microsoft had promised that tons of exclusives were on the way, so this could only be a taster of what is to come during Microsoft’s main E3 2013 press conference, where the company has already confirmed will primarily be all about the games. Are you still willing to pick up a PS4 copy of FIFA 14, knowing that exclusive content is headed to the Xbox One version instead?

At least Ultimate Team will still be there on PS4, in some capacity. Do you think we will ever see an end to console exclusivity deals?



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