Xbox One specs Vs Sony PS4 gives lowdown

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2013

Earlier on we spoke about some of the initial confusion surrounding Microsoft’s new Xbox One console. Now though, we focus on the hardware side of things and the specs that will power the console under the hood and will look to directly compete with Sony’s PS4 in an epic tussle.

While Sony has yet to reveal storage capacity options for their PS4, we can confirm to you that the Xbox One is going to release with one main storage option, that being a 500GB HDD. That is a substantial amount of memory for gamers to use for their media needs, so there will definitely be no dangers or risks that we witnessed with the old 20GB Xbox 360.

Next, it has been confirmed that the Xbox One will also run on an 8-core CPU like the Sony PS4, with Microsoft adding that their device features a native 64-bit architecture. Remember that Sony has already touted their PS4 system, running on an x86-PC like architecture. Xbox One will again use AMD-based graphics, but Microsoft’s will differ in the way that it is a custom setup with 32MB of embedded memory – PS4 will utilize a AMD Radeon based graphics setup.

A big plus for the Xbox One – a Blu-Ray drive at last! The Xbox One will also support HDMI, as well as 1080p video and 4K video support like the PS4. Both systems will feature USB 3.0 ports, while Xbox One will also have support for WiFi direct – PS4 has already been confirmed to have standard WiFi support, as well as Bluetooth 2.1.

Perhaps the biggest talking point though, in terms of a specs comparison that may end up being the defining area – is RAM. Both systems will have 8GB of RAM for developers to build their next-generation games on. However, the Xbox One only features DDR3-based RAM, while the PS4 may have an advantage – using GDDR5-based RAM instead.

We’ve already heard whispers on how 8GB of GDDR5 RAM is the equivalent to 24GB of DDR3 RAM. The key factors in this will be how much RAM developers can actually freely use, and indeed whether the PS4 will produce better looking and faster running games, purely due to using GDDR5.

Look forward to more technical insight on the RAM permutations as we get it. Give us your reaction to the initial specs lowdown. Xbox One or PS4 for you?

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  • Lance

    I want a Desktop Entertainment Gaming Cable TV DVR Receiver System. Is that so much to ask? I want it to do what my desktop does + my DVR + my PS3/XBOX 360. Is that too much to ask?

  • Daniel Lawson

    GDDR advantage is bandwidth, but DDR has far less latency… Microsoft intends to deal with the lack of bandwidth with the Move Engines… basically hardware specifically for compression and decompression

  • Davidrumsjb

    A deal-breaking fact for me was that XBOX One claims it will have 4K GAMES, while Sony said PS4 will only have 4K capabilities for VIDEOS and IMAGES – they took the games off the 4K table.

  • Maddy

    @ JJS
    i was speculating the same thing
    but will that level off both console’s performance or will one console still
    get the upper hand

  • JJS

    It is GDDR5 not DDR5 (which does not exist). GDDR5 is just DDR3 memory configured specifically for graphics cards as opposed to DDR3 which is for general CPU/GPU usage. Both consoles basically have identical RAM, just configured differently. The XBox One has 32MB eDRAM on the GPU to increase graphics performance.

    • james

      rrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr. xbox fan boy alert

    • Eric Hinton

      Xbox never came out and specified a type of ram, The just said ” and i quote” from the revile, it has “8gb of ram”, not specifying what kind.