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Xbox One pre-orders live in UK, estimated price

If Microsoft’s first Xbox One showing has already convinced you that Xbox is the next-gen platform of choice for you over PS4, you’ll be delighted to hear that pre-orders have already opened over in the UK, despite Microsoft yet to reveal an official Xbox One release date yet. This information is very likely to come during the company’s E3 2013 press conference next month.

To recap, we gave you an initial hardware specs lowdown, compared to the Sony PS4 which you can read back again here. After that, we discussed some of the main talking points of the device regarding internet connectivity, with a somewhat bombshell being revealed by Microsoft’s Vice President Phil Harrison here, in relation to always-on and the specific nature on how it will function.

As we wait for the dust to settle on these potential issues and Microsoft’s full explanation on them, those interested in securing one right now, can do so thanks to early listings from GAME, ShopTo and Zavvi. The three UK-based retailers have all jumped the gun rather early, but obviously for our benefit and to those that are just too excited by the whole thing.

Considering that Microsoft has yet to announce the price of the Xbox One, don’t expect to find the price from these retailers already. GAME is instead offering consumers the chance to reserve their Xbox One console, by putting down a £20 deposit. GAME has said that as long as you do this, you will be ‘guaranteed’ a console for launch.

Meanwhile, popular retailer ShopTo are offering a similar service, although they will not charge you anything until the Xbox One starts shipping. Zavvi has taken it upon themselves to put down a £400 price for the Xbox One in the UK, but remember that it is not official – so it is very likely to change as the weeks progress.

We would like to see a price more in the region of £300 to £350 for the Xbox One, anything above that may be deemed as slightly too much. A 500GB console is on offer though, so who knows what’s going to happen – maybe £400 is accurate after all in today’s climate. Have you seen enough of the Xbox One to secure a pre-order already? Let us know what you plan to do.



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