Pokemon X and Y Mewtwo formes update

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2013

In our last report on Pokemon X and Y, we told you about a substantial leak for the game, which apparently revealed all sorts of new Pokemon X and Y evolutions for the game, not to mention a return for original starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. Now though, we have additional rumors for you to digest, about a possible second forme for the fearsome Mewtwo Pokemon.

As most of you are well aware, Nintendo has already officially confirmed that Mewtwo will have a new appearance in the game – an appearance which removes the creature’s tail and basically attaches it to the back of its head. A lot of you have been debating whether the design of Mewtwo’s new forme looks look or not, and now we may have something else for you to contemplate.

A second Mewtwo forme has also been rumored for Pokemon X and Y, a forme that will instead resemblance that of Mew, rather than Mewtwo. You may remember Mew as the cute #151 entry in the original Pokedex, but how excited would you be if a new version of this creature turns up in the game?

More importantly – what type of new psychic abilities will Mew have? Nintendo has yet to reveal the official name of the first Mewtwo form, so when that comes it could provide possible clues on a new forme for Mew. Pokebeach is again the same source of the information as the last rumors, so hopefully we will find some answers during Nintendo’s appearance at E3 2013 – although they won’t have a main press conference this year remember.

Would you be happy if we see two new Mewtwo forms in Pokemon X and Y, or would you actually just prefer to have the original Mewtwo in there as a secret unlockable Pokemon?

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  • Will

    Call the new mewtwo “mewtwo 2”– seems stupid at first, but then you can call the new mew “mew 2”. Get it? 😀

  • Isaac Lovo

    I want a new new,maybe this one will actually be as strong as his copy, which wasn’t the case with the original new and mewtwo….

  • AVI123

    i am happy with only original form of mewtwo…….