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iOS 7 release may coincide with new social integration

If you love making heavy use of whatever popular social media apps are available on the App Store for your iPhone, you may be interested in the following rumor. We know that iOS 7 is on the way to WWDC 2013 for a grand unveiling, but now we hear that it may be coming with some brand new social integration, following on from the popular Facebook and Twitter integration built into iOS 6.

As most of you know, iOS 6 now allows users to sign into their personal Twitter and Facebook accounts directly from the settings menu. There’s also deep integration with Sina Weibo as well for consumers over in China, and it looks like Apple are planning to expand on this with iOS 7.

Information highlighted by 9to5Mac, suggests that iOS 7 will mark the debut of Flickr and Vimeo integration into the iPhone, iPad and other supported devices. Like Facebook and Twitter, users will then be able to sign into their respective spaces on Flickr and Vimeo but more importantly – allow instant uploads to these new apps as well direct from your device.

For example, you’ll now be able to take either a photo or video and have direct access to instant uploads to your Flickr and Vimeo profiles. Vimeo will be especially useful for those that want an alternative to YouTube, while Flickr integration has been a long request from iOS users for many years.

Considering that Google owns YouTube and Apple has now removed their in-house YouTube app from the iPhone, we wonder if the company actually has a view to replacing YouTube with Vimeo in the future – ie, blocking Google’s YouTube application from the App Store.

These two social apps will certainly be a nice addition to iOS 7 if confirmed true, but we wonder how long Apple plans to take, to finally get some Instagram integration added as well – perhaps iOS 8? Are you a Flickr or Vimeo user? Give us your thoughts on the news.



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