GTA V multiplayer news update coming soon

By Alan Ng - May 22, 2013

We have a welcome GTA V news update to bring you now, and it is great news for those of you who have been patiently waiting for any information on the highly anticipated GTA V multiplayer mode. Rockstar has remained completely silent up until this point, but in a recent news post, the developer has revealed that details on the multiplayer aspect of the game will be coming soon.

As most of you are aware, we have become used to seeing frequent screenshot releases for GTA V – whilst at the same time seeing very little evidence of actual GTA V gameplay in the flesh. We have had a fair amount of trailers released for the game, but Rockstar is yet to provide an actual video showing direct gameplay with no interruptions.

While we wait for Rockstar to meet these demands, we have had a tease from the developer confirming that multiplayer information is very close. When discussing the latest GTAV Crews update on their website, Rockstar made a point to say that fans should ‘stay tuned for the first info soon’.

Given the timing of their message, we would assume that soon would correspond with next month’s E3 2013 event. Rockstar won’t be having their own press event at the expo as usual, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t hold a private event away from E3, during E3 week, to drop the first multiplayer information for Grand Theft Auto 5.

It actually sounds like the perfect opportunity to us in fact. It almost seems too exciting to even consider Rockstar making multiplayer even better than what was available in GTA IV. Rockstar are known for their secrecy, but you just know that they have assigned a multiplayer unit to work on this specific aspect, ever since the game was first announced.

It is going to be something special for sure, but what would you like to see from GTA V multplayer, to provide a nice contrast to the main campaign, which players will ultimately be spending most of their time on?

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  • RayJackson

    If it isn’t first-person, I don’t care. Defeats the purpose of being “real” when you can see yourself and around corners.

    • Jason

      You shouldn’t be here to read about a game that always has been a third-person then. Quit your whining.

  • Crois

    Theres unfinished gameplay footage on yutub. And working outside of e3 is pretty fresh. Especially when r* just does gameplay in private press events before release. Expect no gameplay til its release.

    • Durr

      There is no real gta v footage on YouTube man

    • Goingroundacircle

      I remember playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 and Atari saying their update is almost out the door. Took 9 months before they told us its coming soon. Another 5 months after that, when they announced that the update was delayed. While this is nothing to do with the above article. Same principle applies. Why waste your time and ours writting something that is pointless. Makes more sense to just wait till the information is released then write to inform everyone its coming soon.

      • Da Derrick

        I remember dat lol

  • Jason

    Take-Two won’t be at E3, that is already old news. They’re considered “too cool” for E3. It’s been that way for a while.

    • maurid

      We’ll… I’d say they are 😛

  • Zae

    Can We Custmize Are own character and interact with other play in game like dap up and dance tunts oh yea online strip club go to stores to get health gas for cars make money by killing pedestrian’s and online players and robbing stores in multiplayer and much more other things

    • Daniel

      It’s trying to communicate… what should we do?

  • Director

    We would like to know more about the gov. Vehicles and buildings for those clans that created a law enforcement clan. Or clothing that resembles that. how many user per room? Can you choose your own server. Is it random? Will same vehicles and buildings that are assable in normal game play will they keep them in multiplayer?

  • Jim

    A news update on a “coming soon” news update?.