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Wii U sales rumor for April, can’t even outsell Wii

We have some reports of Wii U sales for April coming in now, and it is not good news if true. Everyone is starting to realize that the system is having a hard time securing third-party games, with added pressure now on Nintendo to up the ante with their marketing efforts or face the prospect of having their console enter a decline when the next gen consoles arrive from Microsoft and Sony.

EA has been pretty blunt with Nintendo’s new console lately, publicly confirming that they are not even developing any games for the system at the moment – that includes Battlefield 4 and FIFA 14, two massive titles that are on the way towards the end of the year on other platforms.

Activision has even decided to skip on a Call of Duty Ghosts release, despite bringing Black Ops 2 to the system upon launch. It means that Nintendo’s first party titles such as Wii U Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario and Mario Kart are now considered as a final resort in some areas.

With that in mind, potential NPD sales have been revealed for April. If true, Nintendo only managed to shift 38,000 units, compared to Microsoft who sold 130,000 Xbox 360 units and Sony who shifted just over 100,000 PS3 consoles. Even more worrying, is the fact that the original Wii apparently sold more than the Wii U last month with 42,000 units sold.

Michael Pachter has chimed in on the rumored sales, by saying that the figures sound accurate to him. Don’t forget that Pachter is an analyst with Wedbush Morgan, so if there is anyone that has access to console sale figures, it is him. Nintendo are obviously not going to announce this themselves, so what do you make of the figures if true?

Is the Wii U in serious trouble right now if it can’t even outsell the old Wii? The next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft are not even out yet, but still current-gen hardware is managing to outsell the Wii U – it should be the other way around. More details as we get it.



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