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Final Fantasy VII Buster Sword in real life

We have something for Final Fantasy fans to enjoy now, particularly those who consider Final Fantasy VII to be the best out of the whole series. We like to report on custom game-related creations from time to time and we couldn’t help but notice this amazing real life remake of Cloud’s infamous Buster Sword from FF7.

The iconic weapon is one of the standout memories from the classic PlayStation 1 game and has since been replicated in various forms by fans, mostly at cosplay events and fan videos online at YouTube. Now, we have the best thing seen yet – an actual aluminum replica of the Buster Sword, made from scratch by the guys over at Man at Arms and the creator, blacksmith Tony Swatton.

Watch the amazing video above to see the delicate process involved in crafting the sword, and the best part at the end of the video when we see the Buster Sword in action. You’ll also be able to witness the Buster Sword demolishing a wooden table with ease, taking two guys to actually lift up the thing due to its sheer weight and size.


You may be asking what the whole point of making a real life Buster Sword is, but we have a feeling that Square-Enix will be impressed with what they see. Don’t expect more to be made though, as Tony adds that he won’t be doing it again due to the hassle involved.

If this sort of thing interests you, you can check out a AMA thread over at Reddit, where Tony answers some questions from fans wanting to know more. Now that he has made a Buster Sword, you can also view all sorts of comments from YouTube, from fans asking him to make other items, such as Sephiroth’s Masamune blade and even Thor’s Hammer.

Would you bid for this as a collector’s item if it ever went on sale?



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