FIFA 14 with new Xbox exclusivity fears

We just showed you a teaser of the PS4 hardware for the first time, but EA has just sent out some pretty huge news of their own. In a message posted to Facebook, the company has revealed that they will be showing off the FIFA 14 world premiere at Microsoft’s new Xbox console reveal later on Tuesday.

While nothing is confirmed yet of course, you just know that most will only be thinking of one main reasoning behind this – exclusivity. We know that Call of Duty Ghosts is going to feature timed-exclusive content on the next Xbox as normal, but how would you feel if Microsoft and EA announce that they have partnered to bring FIFA 14 content to the Xbox first, leaving FIFA fans on PS3 in the dark?

If this wasn’t the case, then EA could surely wait until their own press conference at E3 to show the game properly to the world to cater to both audiences? Announcing that they are showing the game at Microsoft’s event tells us that a deal has been made, but the big question is what type of exclusive content could Xbox 360 owners be getting before PS3 and PC?

FIFA isn’t the sort of game that you would associate with platform-exclusive DLC, so it will be interesting to see what EA and Microsoft have up their sleeves. As a reminder, you can see all of the events unfold live on May 21, starting at 10am Pacific Time or 1pm Eastern Time.

Will you be let down with EA even more if it’s confirmed that a deal has been made with Microsoft for FIFA 14? Some may deem this as the last straw, with EA already in the bad books of most over some of their business practices. Remember, nothing has been confirmed yet, but give us your initial reaction to this if you have always played FIFA on PlayStation.



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