Verizon Galaxy S4 shipping times mixed with luck

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2013

It has been a long wait indeed, but we are now officially entering Samsung Galaxy S4 launch week. It appears in some cases though, that many consumers have already hit jackpot – with some Verizon Galaxy S4 pre-orders, already being shipped out with official notices from Big Red informing consumers of the good news.

Don’t forget this is on top of the fact that Verizon also recently confirmed that the official launch date of the device had been pushed forward, from May 30 to May 23. If you have already ordered a Galaxy S4 a while ago, it may be a good idea now to check your Verizon mail, as we have word that FedEx is already delivering units to some lucky consumers.

You can see evidence of this thanks to a shipping confirmation image obtained by CNET. It confirms that a consumer’s 16GB Black Mist Galaxy S4 is already on the way, meaning that actual deliveries may take place on Monday May 20, a full three days ahead of schedule.

It goes without saying that the wait for a release has been a painful one, especially with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile already offering the device to their respective customers for some time. However, everybody loves an early release date and a surprise in the post, so hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones as you wake up on Monday morning.

If you have a Verizon Galaxy S4 on order, let us know if you have already received a shipping notification from the carrier yet, confirming a delivery by FedEx. Better yet – is there anyone out there who already has their device in-hand as of last week?

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  • TheReaper84

    I have not recievedd. Mine yet I’m told it will ship on the 23rd and take two days to receive although I suspect it will be here after one day so I figure Friday