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Pokemon X and Y evolution, original starters rumors

Nintendo and Game Freak finally disclosed some official Pokemon X and Y news recently, unveiling four new Pokemon that are coming to the game. Now though, we are back to the rumors and we have some very exciting whispers to share with you – relating to potential new evolutions, along with the possible return of three very familiar starters.

We have seen new Pokemon such as Sylveon, Pancham, Fletchling, Elioptile announced recently, but unsurprisingly there is no official word on what their official evolutions will be. This week, we bring you a collection of information for the game, which suggests that Pancham could evolve into a new creature at level 30 called Pangoro.

One twist on this though, is that you apparently need to have a dark type Pokemon in your party for the evolution process to start, and then Pangoro will be born as a fighting/dark type. Perhaps even more bizarre, the same information that has been posted to PokeBeach, suggests that a Pokemon known as Inkay will evolve into Malimar – but to make this evolution happen you need to turn your Nintendo 3DS upside down.

For retro players who grew up on Pokemon Red and Blue, brace yourselves for another almighty rumor, as there could be a return Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, via a new professor in the game called Prof.Sycamore, who let’s you choose one. How amazing would that be if you could pick up one of the true original starter Pokemon in X and Y and have them join the rest of your party, along with Fennekin, Chespin or Froakie?

Remember that this is still strictly rumor until confirmed otherwise by Nintendo and Game Freak. Does Pancham’s evolution into Pangoro sound authentic to you? Inkay and Malimar sound like squid Pokemon to us – what do you think?



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