GTA V anticipation causes Killzone Mercenary change

By Alan Ng - May 20, 2013

GTA V is easily the most anticipated game of 2013 and it’s also a game that is forcing other developers and publishers to take note. We all know that GTA V has a release date of September 17 and as soon as that game is out, everyone will be stopping whatever game they are playing at the moment and proceed to enter the GTA V marathon as the weeks go on.

Because of this, it is bad news for other companies who aim to release their products in September as well, knowing too well that the majority of gamers will favor GTA V no matter what the competing game is. In this occasion, Killzone Mercenary has already been confirmed to be the subject of some tactics from Sony.

Sensing that a release date around GTA V would be a bad idea for sales, Sony has now confirmed that Killzone Mercenary will release earlier than intended. The game will now be due out two weeks earlier, on Friday September 6 in the UK and Tuesday September 10 in the US.

It means that Europe will get the game before US which is a rare occasion in itself, but more importantly – it gives Sony almost a two week gap for players to buy the game before they inevitably pick up GTA V and ignore all other games for the year. Most of you will agree that this is a very logical move by Sony, especially now that we can enjoy Killzone Mercenary much earlier.

What other games due out in September are going to be brought forward or delayed solely due to the GTA V hype train? We wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about other publishers shifting their plans too. Give us your thoughts on the power of GTA V anticipation, along with the new release for Killzone Mercenary.

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  • whitaker blair

    None of you guys have a ps vita do you? Vita owners including myself are very excited for this title.

  • Tony

    it is good ‘logic’ from sony, unfortunately the most logical thing to do is not to have even botber developing the title, I can guarantee that title will flop…hard…..very hard.

  • why would i get killzone i dont have a ps3 anyway…..

  • Michael

    Lol, They didn’t think about this: No one cares about Killzone the september 6, fans wait like just 11 days and buy GTA V.

  • Franklin

    Yeah! Who gives a cr@p about Fagzone? Not me!

  • Trevor Phillips

    F*ck Killzone! GTA F‘N V all the way!


    Who cares, GTA V ALL THE WAY