Call of Duty Ghosts mimics Bethesda teasers

Prior to the announcement of The Evil Within by Bethesda, we saw the publisher tease the game using the social media platform Vine. Very brief video teasers were released for the game to build up excitement for its eventual reveal, and now we have seen evidence of Activision pulling the very same stunt to promote Call of Duty Ghosts.

Ghosts is the next entry in the series and will be released during Fall as normal, developed by Infinity Ward also as normal – taking over from Treyarch who are starting to wrap up development on Black Ops 2. We have previously shown you rumors for the game that suggested that 6 playable ‘ghosts’ soldiers will be available in the title.

Now, Activision has given us a possible glimpse at two of them, by releasing a 5 second snippet of some behind the scenes footage – with key details like the soldiers and environments being obscured by polygons. At the end of the clip, we see Activision again remind the world that the game will be shown off for the first time at Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox event this Tuesday.

With players still addicted to Black Ops 2 though, is there a danger that the Call of Duty hype is starting to wear off now with the constant annual releases? In our opinion, Activision and Infinity Ward really need to show a new formula with Ghosts, otherwise people may overlook the game after being disappointed with Modern Warfare 3.

Meanwhile, if you head to the official Call of Duty website, you can also see some further cryptic teasers on the game as well – coming in the form of various numbers and text scribbled on pieces of paper. One of the official slogans for the game appears to be ‘we are all we’ve got’. but let’s hope that gameplay is mixed up in a big way to keep things fresh after Black Ops 2.

See the tease for yourself here and let us know your initial clues on it. Do you agree that we need to see something entirely new for Ghosts this time?



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