MacBook Air: Retina vs. Haswell – most likely 2013 release

By Peter Chubb - May 19, 2013

With WWDC 2013 fast approaching it comes as no surprise that stock of the current MacBook Air is feeling a little constrained. We say this because availability of the device has begun to dry up, which only fuels speculation of a refresh.

What to expect from a 2013 MacBook Air refresh – The most likely MacBook Air upgrade for 2013 would be the Haswell processor, as this is due to hit devices in June, so this would be a perfect opportunity for Apple to unveil their thin notebook with this latest Intel CPU during WWDC next month.

If this were the case, then we should expect a faster MacBook Air in 2013, along with improved battery life. But there is also another feature that could make it onto the Apple’s thinner notebook, Retina.

There’s been speculation for a while now that we could see a 2013 MacBook Air with Retina display. However, this feature is a controversial one, as some of our readers have expressed they have no need for an improved screen on the Air, although this is not a view shared by all, so where do you stand?

Retina vs. Haswell – Personally, Haswell is almost certain to make it into the 2013 MacBook Air refresh, with the Retina display not happening until 2014, but don’t take my word for it.

Likely 2013 MacBook Air release – According to recent rumors the new model could be released as early as the end of June, although a July release is more possible, as this was the same month the current Max OS X update was released, so it would make sense for the next-generation MacBook Air to come out with OS X 10.9 already installed. However, this would contradict what Tim Cook recently said about no new products until the fall.

Thanks to Apple Insider.

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  • Petar

    I’d like to see an i7 Haswell processor with the fastest integrated graphics available (if I’m not mistaken that should be HD5200) as an option, while the current resolution is a very good one for the screen size. I think it would beat the purpose to have two thin 13-inchers with retina display, i.e. the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air… Just give me a more capable Air with great battery life and decent graphics and I’ll say goodbye to my ‘classic’ Macbook Pro…

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    My 2008 Macbook works just fine.