GTA V: Early field of Crews

By Daniel Chubb - May 18, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V crews are the topic Rockstar’s focusing on right now and they explained there are a growing number of crews getting ready for GTA V. The featured emblems and creative crew names really show the passion the community has for both Rockstar and the upcoming GTA V, and even though the game isn’t here just yet you can see many crew names including the words “GTA 5”.

One of the longest running crews with the highest-achievements has been named “The GTA V FIVE Crew”. If you have a crew up and running or belong to one, then share the name and wins total in the comments. We’d love to hear about your successful crew and what you’re doing towards the GTA V release date.


GTA V features for online mode coming soon – the blog post, found at and published around 13 hours ago, includes a tiny hint of news for GTA V online mode. Rockstar mentioned “stay tuned for first info soon”, when they commented on the fact that they haven’t shared information on “Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode”.

Your desires for Grand Theft Auto V’s Online Mode – While we wait to hear more about the GTA V multiplayer, please share a comment with your wish list for the features you want to see in the online mode. Keep connected to Product Reviews, as we will update our readers the moment the news breaks.

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  • GTA V Fan

    they need to make crew drift battles to make it a whole other game by having more then just races, it’ll also take the racing genre since it also has car customization. So racing fans will decide to buy this over any other racing game if they wern’t going to already

  • jackas

    vladimir putin Wtf

  • Danny Dodge

    Illuminati???? Wtf