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Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB storage solution hopes

If you bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 at launch, you may have suffered a state of shock when you checked your internal storage on the device. Samsung has made the 16GB Galaxy S4 their primary device at the moment, but only 8GB or so is available for the user to freely utilize after a significant portion of that 16GB memory is eaten up by system resources.

That shock may have even turned to despair when you then realized that you couldn’t freely transfer your apps over to the MicroSD card. As a result, it means that many Galaxy S4 users have a memory crisis on their hands, with most now starting to feel regret that they didn’t wait for the 32GB variant.

Fortunately, we’re hearing whispers on Samsung potentially coming up with a solution to solve the memory problems. When speaking to CNET UK, the company revealed that they are studying ways in which they can free up more usable internal memory for consumers, by making further use of software optimization.

The statement was in response to the company being investigated by the infamous BBC Watchdog programme, following complaints from angry consumers who discovered that they only have half of the advertised memory to play around with. We see system resources all the time with new smartphone launches, but perhaps 8GB out of 16GB is a little too much to take.

While music can be saved on a MicroSD card, the majority of apps cannot – especially memory intensive games which are now starting to appear on the Google Play Store with file sizes in excess of 1GB. A couple of these games, some media apps and perhaps a currency app will already leave you close to the limit on the Galaxy S4 16GB.

If you are suffering from these exact same problems on your 16GB model, let us know your thoughts on an advertised 16GB, turning out to be 8 or 9GB in reality. From buying the device at launch – how much memory do you currently have left?

[Image courtesy of CNET].



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