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PS4 remote play with PS Vita mandatory dreams

If you have a PS Vita and are currently waiting for the handheld to really take off towards the end of the year, it looks like Sony may be planning to shake up the somewhat troubled system in a big way. We know from Sony’s February PS4 event that PS4 game streaming will be available on PS Vita across a select list of titles.

However, a recent update to the official PS4 website, has suggested that Sony may actually be planning to make it a mandatory feature of their next-gen system – ie, have every single PS4 game released, playable on the 5-inch PS Vita screen. If confirmed to be true, then the PS Vita suddenly becomes an amazing piece of kit to own.

We have a feeling that Sony are looking at off-TV play with the Wii U’s GamePad, and have seen how much a big hit it has become with consumers. We have previously had PS Vita Remote Play support with some PS3 games, but the list of supported games was a huge disappointment, that includes Remote Play features on the older PSP as well.

How amazing would it be, to pick up any PS4 game in 2014 knowing that you could stream it at any time on the PS Vita. It would be a massive advantage for the PS4 over Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox console and it looks very promising based on some new details from Sony.

If you head to their website, you’ll see the following information under the PS Vita section: “Play your favorite PS4 games on your PlayStation Vita’s beautiful 5-inch display using Remote Play.” While this obviously isn’t a confirmation that all games will be playable via Remote Play, it would be considered false advertising if they just plan to offer select titles again.

Surely Sony wouldn’t want to risk another consumer backlash by teasing consumers like this, or even worse – put this information on their website to dupe users into buying a PS Vita, then alter the text after the system is out.

How excited are you about PS4 Remote Play on the PS Vita? Should Sony be making this a mandatory feature across all titles?



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