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New Motorola X Phone production similar to Apple’s

The new Motorola X Phone is expected to be a very special smartphone for so many reasons, one of which is because it could be customizable. We’re not too certain how much of the handset you will be able to change, but something is better than nothing right?

To customize your handset this will take more of a personal touch, and not by tens of thousands of workers from the likes of China. As a result it would be wiser for the so-called Google X Phone to be assembled on home soil. This is not a stretch of the imagination, because this is just what Apple plans to do with their next Mac mini refresh.

If the rumor is true then we could see Motorola X Phone production in the USA, so not only would they be designed in the US, but assembled there as well. That’s not saying that a Chinese company would not have a hand in building the new handset, as Motorola is expected to use the Foxconn plant in California, just as Google Glass will be.

There is a concern that this plant will be unable to keep up with demand, but there’s another US-based Foxconn plant in Texas. It seems as though the Chinese company is aware that companies such as Motorola and Apple want to create more Made in the USA products.

We still expect to see many of the components in these devices to be made in Asian countries, so Samsung can rest assured that they are still needed, although Apple is reducing their need on Samsung. However, they could be changing over to rivals LG instead, which must be like sticking a knife in Samsung.



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