Sony PS4 excitement with Greatness Awaits

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2013

We are used to seeing Sony market their new PlayStation-based products with the slogan ‘Make Believe’, but we could be seeing a change to this with the upcoming launch of the PS4 console, due out during the 2013 Holiday season. Evidence has emerged, suggesting that Sony will be using a new motto of ‘Greatness Awaits’.

A new commercial is thought to be on the way, which will explain Sony’s transition over to the Greatness Awaits theme, a term that is apparently going to be used to market computers and other entertainment products aside from video games. Siliconera has managed to obtain a trademark listing, which basically confirms that this is a done deal already.

The question is whether Sony plans to debut their new commercial just before E3, to essentially hype up the ‘greatness’, or if they will just announce the move at their press conference itself. It has also been revealed that the first greatness awaits slogan will be used to advertise the likes of Killzone Shadow Fall and Destiny – two games that are expected to be big hitters during launch and into 2014.

Sony may be bringing a slice of greatness with their next-gen PS4, but consumers will also want to see a great price as well to match. Even more so, after Nvidia just announced a somewhat worrying launch price of $350 for their Shield handheld device. Will it tempt Sony into going back to their premium prices similar to the PS3 launch, or will they debut the system with a price more in line of the Nintendo Wii U?

As we await Sony’s big E3 keynote on June 12, let us know if you are excited about seeing ‘greatness’ on stage. Has Sony firmly won you over in the next-gen console wars already?

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  • i had a PlayStation 3 & i loved it. the graphics were the best. Better then the up scale on the Xbox 360.
    However, the PlayStation 3 lacked the one thing that Xbox has hands down. User friendly chat ( not private rooms ) Now i for one think that Sony and Microsoft should do a joint application on a System or Console. The graphics, and the beauty and hardware of Sony, and the user ability like Xbox. I’m sorry but Sony is still learning a thing or two about user friendly. And Microsoft needs to work on their hardware issues and stop making things break after 1 year of ownership ( knock on wood ) So i honestly think a joint attempt at a System. I.E. Xbox 2 or PlayStation 4 -edit, would be nice to see !!