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Pokemon X and Y rarity with Eevee 3DS

Following on from the release of the limited edition Pikachu Nintendo 3DS, we can tell you that an even rarer 3DS system is on the way in preparation for Pokemon X and Y. Nintendo has just announced an Eevee XL console over in Japan, and Pokemon fanatics will only be able to get their hands on one via a lottery system.

It means that these are going to be a hot commodity indeed and once they turn up on Ebay, expect to pay a near fortune for one. A random lottery for an Eevee Nintendo 3DS suggests that a lot of fans are going to end up disappointed, but those who do manage to get one will have a rare collector’s item indeed.

Applications for the lottery are being accepted now, as the draw will be taking place on June 3 according to Serebii. If applicants emerge successful, they will then be able to purchase an Eevee XL on June 22 for 18,900 Japanese Yen, which translates to around $185 or £121.

For everyone here, it basically means that you should start looking on Ebay after June 22 as that is when this rare edition will be popping up in the wild. You should expect to pay much higher than the figures quoted above, and also take into consideration that the 3DS will be region locked as well – like most Japanese gaming gear.

As for the system itself, you will get a lovely picture of Eevee on the back of the 3DS, while the front cover will be a mixture of colors based on Eevee’s theme. It looks very stylish indeed and arguably even better than the Pikachu 3DS that Nintendo offered a while ago.

The question is, are you a huge Pokemon X and Y fan that is willing to get one of these from Ebay? We’ll let you know when the first listings start to appear.



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