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Nexus 7 2nd generation surfaces without a release date

Google I/O 2013 was considered a fail for those expecting new hardware, but then again we have to remember that the company has always been more about the software. So with that in mind, the event has been a bit of a success considering all the new services and updates that were announced.

However, that still does not excuse the matter that many Android users were hoping to see a Nexus 4 refresh or even the Nexus 5 unveil. Having said that, Google may have leaked something without knowing it, and that’s the Nexus 7, 2nd generation model.

In the video you see below Google was showing the new hangouts features, and 21 seconds in we see what looks to be a new tablet. We say this because it doesn’t look like anything we have seen before, it’s for this reason why we think it could be the Nexus 7 2.

We could be way off base here, but if it is, then we could be expecting the Nexus 7 2nd generation release date very shortly. Do you believe that Google was going to unveil the Nexus 7 refresh at the event yesterday, but held back because they thought it deserved a separate event?

If this is the real deal then let’s hope rumors of a faster processor, rear-facing camera and improved display are true, as well as a slight price reduction over the current model are true.

Do you think this is a teaser video for the Nexus 7 second-gen, or is it a red herring?



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