Nexus 5 release date frustration sets in after event

By Daniel Chubb - May 16, 2013

Google’s event has come and gone with no sign of the Nexus 5 or its release date, which has led to a number of fans venting a little frustration along with a few Nexus 5 features they would love to see.

Nexus 5 features and release date hints expected by some – while we were a little skeptical about any details arriving at Google I/O, it didn’t stop a number of blogs suggesting the Nexus 5 would make an appearance during the three hour keynote.

This of course never happened, so the leaks never got confirmed or denied and the hope for microSD card support is still up in the air. LG is still the favorite brand for Nexus 5 although some hope to see HTC instead.

Fans holding out for Nexus 5 – you won’t need to look far to see comments of support for both LG and wanted Nexus 5 features. Some people state they will “hold on with hope for a Nexus 5 in 2013”. This is a little harder for those of our readers with contracts coming up for renewal soon.

Others point out “the Nexus 5 could be the perfect phone”, and after seeing nothing announced made it clear “this sucks, I really wanted this phone”.

It is strange seeing Nexus fans stating they wanted a phone that has no specs, confirmation or any detail announced, but this is largely thanks to most people having a wish list. They have already built their dream phone in their own mind.

Nexus 5 wanted features – top of the list for some would be a Card Slot, but others point out that 64GB to 128GB would solve the need for such a feature in their opinion. Other Nexus 5 specs/features wanted include a better camera, HD screen, better battery life, Key Lime Pie and a jump in processing power.

Are you waiting for Nexus 5, and if so what are your most wanted features? It’s worth noting that LG has an event planned for May 30, although the Nexus 5 is not expected at the time of writing and Google is still silent on the topic.

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  • Mark Andrews

    4G and support for verizon. vanilla android, costing and no contract similar to nexus 4, and reasonable modern specs.

  • vperl

    More nothing , might be time for abandoning the goggle ship . No CDMA, and small ball thinking, is turning Google into a social rights company with leftist leaders, that are confused with what a business should be at focus. Building software and services and the great device of the future . Not leftist agenda .

    • There is no leftist agenda. In fact, quite the opposite. They are a corporation trying to make as much money as possible. It’s a rightist agenda, just like all corporations.