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New Xbox console future without Microsoft Points

As the world eagerly awaits Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox event on May 21, we have an interesting rumor to share with you now, which we could see discussed on stage next Tuesday. The next Xbox is coming, but we could see a reality where the system will operate without the use of Microsoft Points.

That is an outcome which many current Xbox 360 have been dreaming of for years. Consumers have been wanting to use real money transactions on the Xbox Marketplace for a long time now, and Microsoft could be set to finally announce the move at their event on the 21st.

We say rumor above, but The Verge has published a new report treating this as a fact, according to their sources. Microsoft Points is apparently going to be replaced completely with cash transactions – comprising of credit and debit cards and also gift cards at last.

A move to gift cards would be a very logical move, considering that Microsoft already uses them in their brick and mortar retail stores. Expanding to Xbox purchases would seem a natural transition and would finally see Xbox users be able to purchase new content, similar in a way in which Sony runs the PlayStation Store.

The same source has also mentioned that the new currency method will be available in time for the launch of the next Xbox. With this in mind, expect full details to come at either the May 21 event, or if not – at Microsoft’s E3 2013 keynote in June. Many of you will be saying that this should have happened a long time ago, but at least Microsoft are making the move in time for the next console, so everything is going to feel lovely and fresh for the switch over.

What is your reaction to this – a feeling of relief that Microsoft has finally started to see sense? All eyes on the May 21 event next week.



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