iPad mini 2 vs. Galaxy Note 3, big screen size difference

By Peter Chubb - May 16, 2013

Later this year both Apple and Samsung will be updating two of their devices, with one a tablet and the other pretending to be one. We’re talking about the iPad mini 2 and the Galaxy Note 3. It’s obvious there will be changes to these devices, with Apple’s tablet expected to be a little smaller while keeping the same display size, and Samsung’s to see a slight increase in screen size to 6 inches.

So that means the iPad mini 2 will stick with a 7.9-inch screen and the Galaxy Note 3 will benefit from a (rumored) 6-inch display. It’s this that will cause some confusion, as some of you would rather go for the Note 3 because the screen will only be about 1.9 inches smaller than the mini 2.

Going for the Galaxy Note 3 will have its pros and cons, because while you have a pretty decent screen size, and the ability to make calls, there are still limitations. The size for some is just too large to be classed as a phone, and begins to get very awkward trying to use with one hand, like you would with a standard smartphone.

However, the iPad mini 2 will be an even better tablet than its predecessor, and makes it a far more practical tablet for some because of its smaller size. Okay, the screen is smaller than the full size iPad and larger than the Note 3 will be, so is regarded as the middle ground. Then again, because it will not be able to make standard cell phone calls, this will draw people to phablets like the upcoming Note 3.

It’s clear that even though Apple and Samsung are working to make the iPad mini 2 and Galaxy Note 3 better products than their predecessors, is seems some people still need a tablet and a phone, we just wonder where the cutoff point will be where the tablet makes a perfect smartphone as well?

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  • Cornstarch

    Note 3 hardware features: 3 GB RAM, 32 GB memory, expandable with SD, octacore processor with 3 VR GPU, Wacom pen detection pad underneath the screen for precision and quick drawing response, Wacom pressure pen, the same 13 megapixel camera found in the galaxy s4, full HD super AMOLED. you’re getting a powerful graphics art tablet that could do realtime paint mixing and multilayer with NO lagging. Even my galaxy note 2 GeekBench tests out perform the Ipad 4! and the Ipad Mini 2 is a shrunken down Ipad 4!

  • olbp

    ” we just wonder where the cutoff point will be where the tablet makes a perfect smartphone as well”

    The Note 2 is already the perfect choice. Can’t wait to see if there is a way to make it even better.

    As far as the ipad? No phone, no sale, no matter WHAT the size!


  • Richard Yarrell

    Galaxy Note 3 pimp slaps this silly Apple Mini

    • squiddy20

      You’re a moron if you think the Note 3 is supposed to compete with the iPad Mini. They’re totally different form factors and directed at different markets. Think for once.

      • They won’t compete, the Note 3 will destroy it.

      • Yoyo

        I agree, the iPad Mini will compete with the Galaxy note 8.0