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HTC First: Users disable Facebook home

When the HTC First was announced there was a great deal of excitement, because the performance and hardware were better than you would expect from a $100 contract handset, but also because it was a Facebook Home smartphone as well.

However, things have not gone the way AT&T had predicted, and as such there is now a rumor that AT&T could discontinue the HTC First, as users are unhappy with the Facebook Home-laden smartphone. We have yet to hear conformation from AT&T, but there is growing concern from within the carrier that neither the HTC First nor Facebook Home is something they are fully trying to market.

We’ve had so many people ask how can you remove Facebook Home from the HTC First, and if you do have the handset and are not enjoying the FB Home experience, then at least you are not forced to continue using the interface because there is a way for you to disable it.

HTC First: How to disable Facebook Home – All you need to do is go into the Home settings and the first option at the top is to turn off Facebook Home. It’s really as simple as that, because once you have done that it’s like you are looking at any other Android handset.

In the video you’ll see just by a couple of taps you have a device that is completely different, as the change is dramatic. We like the fact that Facebook Home does not keep reminding you that it has been switched off, and it will not even re-enable itself upon boot up.

It’s not really a shock that the First hasn’t proved too popular with users, but we shouldn’t condemn the phone just for one flaw, which as we have shown can be rectified. The biggest issue as you may have guessed is with Facebook Home. We’ve heard several cases will people had installed the UI onto their smartphone, and within minutes had uninstalled it again, it seems as though Facebook has developed a dud, wouldn’t you agree?



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