Black Ops 2 Uprising PS3 release time imminent

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2013

It has been a long time waiting, but it looks like we are just moments away from the highly anticipated Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC release time for PS3 and PC platforms. The new content will add four new multiplayer maps, but more importantly – the release of the new Mob of the Dead zombie map as well.

This particular map pack release is somewhat stranger as usual, since we often see new Call of Duty DLC releases on a Tuesday. However, Treyarch has opted to unleash Uprising slightly later – either late Wednesday night in the US or the early hours of Thursday morning for those who have woken up early in Europe.

The good news is that Black Ops 2 Uprising on PS3 is due out out at any moment. The official release time for Uprising on the PlayStation Store is 10.30pm Pacific Time, so you should be refreshing the store right now to see if the content is available for download in your area. Remember that the content is $14.99 to buy, or free if you already have a Black Ops 2 Season Pass.

That means a 6.30am release time for everyone in the UK and an hour later for other gamers in Europe. As we told you earlier on this week, the Uprising DLC release coincides with Double Weapon XP weekend, with Treyarch already confirming that this will start on Friday May 16 at 10am Pacific Time.

So there we have it. No longer will you have to watch YouTube videos from everyone playing Mob of the Dead on Xbox 360. Check the PlayStation Store right now and you may see it available for download. Let us know if you are already downloading and the file size that is required.

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  • sof4114

    still waiting not on steam yet

  • Александр Зайцев

    Not In Russia (

  • W33rd0

    not on steam yet !!!!!!!!

    • Mka0207


  • John

    PS always get it a month after xbot! This isn’t news!

    • It sucks, I know. I wish Activision doesn’t sign a deal with Microsoft like this again.

      • John

        They will – They have some kind of deal with COD: Ghosts, bet it will be a multiplat release but timed exclusive for the xbox720 – ps4 will get it a month later. It will be something like that…. I don’t really care, cod is only good online and I have shitloads of stuff to play while waiting anyways.

    • Todd

      It is news coz I forgot about it until seeing this, That’s the price Activi$ion pay for getting into bed with one platform. However, due to this NEWS article, I will now get tonight. Thanks PR.

  • I GOT IT!!!!

  • Carlo

    still not up in australia -___-

  • It’s not up in the psn store in uk

  • its up in the usa…

    it is a 1,3gb file

  • popo pooperson

    Downloading now. Beeeyaaa!

  • disqus_swi1dnS5SB

    not in the ps store in the UK yet

    • FuddyMuckerx

      It’s on the what’s New but then when you click it, it says content not selected at this time

  • Kabooos

    I just checked in- game store and it is not listed yet..

    • benji

      not here in Aus either! Stupid Troll-Arch! (TreyArch)

    • Josh56040

      Check the playstation store. NOT THE IN GAME STORE!

      im downloading it right now. it is 1356MB. Says it will take 10 mins to download.

      • Actually, it really doesn’t matter. The in game store IS the PlayStation Store, integrated into Black Ops 2 and only lists Black Ops 2 items. I started my download of Uprising from the in game store.