Black Ops 2 Double Weapon XP for Diamond hunters

By Alan Ng - May 15, 2013

We have some good news for Black Ops 2 players now, as Treyarch are planning to hold another of their popular Double XP weekends again. However, this one is a little different as it relates to double XP for your weapons, rather than your player level. It means that you can now hammer through the weapon levels, trying to unlock that gold or diamond camo that you have been trying for weeks to get.

It also means that you don’t have to worry about leveling up too fast as well whilst you do it. Treyarch has sent out word via the in-game message of the day to inform players that Double Weapon XP will officially start on Friday May 16 at 10am Pacific Time, or 1pm Eastern.

You’ll be able to accumulate double the XP for weapons throughout the weekend, as the event will end on Monday May 20 at the same 10am Pacific Time. You have probably seen countless diamond camos that other players have managed to unlock, but now is the perfect opportunity to get in on the action yourself.

The event also coincides with the release of Uprising for PS3 and PC platforms, which will happen this Thursday on May 16 – ie, the moment when PS3 and PC players can finally get their hands on Mob of the Dead zombies after Xbox 360 players have had the content for an extra month.

The question is: What weapon are you planning to level up in order to unlock a gold or possibly diamond camo? It could be the perfect opportunity to give some of those pistols that you hardly use, a chance to shine in multiplayer. Treyarch hasn’t been specific on platforms, but we’re guessing everyone will be included in this – even Wii U players.

Let us know what your progress is so far on Black Ops 2, in relation to weapon unlocks. Do you already have a full set of diamond weapons already?

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  • Ash catch up

    Idiot you don’t get camos from weapon xp. You get it from one hit kills or head shots (it depends on the weapon). Double weapon xp doesn’t help at all for camos. So you might as well delete this page off the Internet before you embarrass yourself.

  • Nes

    What weapon are you planning to level up in order to unlock a gold or possibly diamond camo?

    – You don’t ‘level up’ to get camos, you have to complete challenges. Double XP has nothing to do
    with it, whether it be for weapon or prestige level.

    Do you already have a full set of diamond weapons already?

    – Not yet, I’m working on the peacekeeper, and it doesn’t make a difference if I play this weekend or
    any other time.

  • SH4RK

    Agreed. Only double headshot weekend would be relevant to this guy’s claims.

  • wrock gawd

    Double weapon xp doesn’t help you get camo. Do you even play the game?!

    • OverlordMM

      I was thinking the same thing as I read this. The only good it’s for is to unlock your attachments & prestige your weapon. C’mon guys do a little research before you post an article. Or at the least talk to one person that plays this game to look it over before you post.