Google Images Atari Breakout high score challenge

We have a special treat for those of you feeling a little bored whilst internet surfing, as Google has dropped another of their famous browser games for you to enjoy. This one is a little different though, as hidden inside Google Images is none other than Atari’s classic Breakout game which you can play and attempt to rack up a high score.

For those that are not aware, it is the 37th anniversary of the classic game and Google has wasted no time in letting everyone celebrate the history of the game together, whilst browsing on their image website. Simply type “Atari Breakout” into Google Images and watch as Google magically transforms the search results into a playable game.

We have loved seeing Google’s vast array of interactive Doodles over the last few years on their homepage, but this is right up there as well in terms of fun. Even better, is that Google has included a high score ticker on the right hand side, letting users get a little competitive with each other to achieve the best score.

If you pay close attention to the blocks, you’ll also notice how they consist of Atari’s original game and its various iterations down the years. The game may be a little boring for some of you – but we wonder how many of you have already managed to secure a score well into the 1000s on just a few balls.

Once you have passed a few levels, you’ll also notice that the brand changes – to Santander for example on level 2. You may want to mute the sound though in the top left settings, as it does tend to get a little annoying after regular play.

What is your top score on the game at the moment? You can share on Google Plus if you deem it worthy enough for others to see.



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