Final Fantasy X HD Vs PS2 with one GIF

Earlier on we told you about the possibility of Square-Enix including the Last Mission extra content into the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X-2. Now we have a single image to show you, which gives you a no nonsense look at how the new HD version of Final Fantasy X compares with the PS2 original released way back in 2001.

As most of you are well aware, Final Fantasy X and X-2 are due to be released in HD before the end of the year on PS3 and the PS Vita. Square-Enix had insisted that the conversions wouldn’t just be simple ports, but rather remasters which they have put a lot of effort into to ensure that they look as good on current generation hardware.

The screenshots that we have seen for Final Fantasy X HD so far are very impressive to say the least, but this GIF image gives you a clear idea of the key differences in quality between the two. Considering the long period of development and Square-Enix’ reluctance to give out information on the game, it tell us that this isn’t just a bog standard lazy port.

The GIF justifies this perfectly as well, almost going from a PS2 game to PS3 quality game with the enhanced visuals. The conversion quality between Wakka on PS2 and PS3 is amazing and just goes to show what can be done with the effort put in and not just a port thrown together in a couple of months for the cash-in.

You’ll also notice that Square-Enix has gone to the extra length to add some leaves to the trees that previously didn’t have any on the PS2. Bare in mind that this is just one capture from the game – these intricate details could have been added throughout the whole game.

It means that the game takes on added significance towards the end of 2013 and it could be a must-purchase on PS3 and PS Vita. We just hope that the PS Vita version holds up on its own two feet – the lovely OLED screen should help to boost visuals.

Are you planning to get the game from day one? Which version will you be buying if so – PS3 or PS Vita?



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