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Final Fantasy X-2 HD bonus content on PS3, PS Vita

If you are planning to pick up the highly anticipated Final Fantasy X HD remaster on either PS3 or PS Vita towards the end of the year, we have some interesting news to share with you. You may not know it, but the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X-2 contained some extra content that has so far been kept within the Land of the Rising Sun.

However, we’re now hearing that this content may be making its way into the HD remasters outside of Japan for the first time. The content in question is the ‘Last Mission’ and it includes a full episode to play, taking place three months after the events seen in the Final Fantasy X-2 ending.

We say may, as Square-Enix are actually still ‘undecided’ over whether to include the content or not, as translated by Joystiq from the latest issue of Japanese publication Famitsu. It goes without saying though that consumers who are considering a purchase will obviously want the definitive version, so Square-Enix really needs to include it in our opinion.

If they don’t, consumers will start asking questions on why it is still being held back, especially from those that are planning to buy the game after already finishing it on the Sony PS2. We also hope that if the Last Mission is included in Final Fantasy X-2 HD, the PS Vita is on the list to get the content as well – expect a fierce backlash if it isn’t.

Have you played the Last Mission content on the original Final Fantasy X-2 game? More than likely, most of you will have just watched the extra mission on YouTube. If so, let us know if you need to have it included before you buy the game later in the year. Expect new gameplay to come at Sony’s E3 keynote in a few weeks.



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